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Spring 1939 SEC Public Utility Division Staff

In recognition of International Women's Day this month and the upcoming The Open Door: Roles of Women in Securities Regulation Gallery, listen to the remembrances of women who have made and continue to make an impact on the regulation of the capital markets:

  • Martha Mahan Haines, former Assistant Director and Chief, SEC Office of Municipal Securities:
    "I started as a bond lawyer in 1978, and I looked young for my age, which wasn't a help as a lawyer, and the clients were positively startled when people would be assembling for a meeting, and I would sit down at the table. They were expecting me to pour coffee."
  • Sara Hanks, Co-Founder and CEO, CrowdCheck:
    "Linda Quinn - how could you not be inspired by someone like that? She was the big picture woman. She was absolutely amazing at stepping back and saying, 'This is the important thing. This is how this pattern of law works.' So incredibly bright."
  • Barbara Sweeney, former NASD/FINRA Corporate Secretary:
    "I owe a lot of my career to Mary Schapiro because she supported me through everything that I did. But Mary was the type of person who was supportive of all her employees, whether you were a man or a woman."


1979 Stephen L. Hammerman, SEC New York Regional Office

Photos continues to be the second most-visited section of the virtual museum and archive, just behind Papers, demonstrating the appeal of seeing the images - from portrait and candid photos to posters and cartoons - of persons, actions and moments significant to financial regulation.

As one of the original three sections of the collection from the museum's founding in 2002, the growth of the Photos section has benefited from the accession of historic photos from libraries and archives throughout the nation, photos commissioned for the museum, and - most appreciated - photos contributed by visitors. Visit New in the Museum for new archival and donated photos to the collection

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