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Thanks to Donors

Gifts in Honor / In Memory

In 2020, the following individuals are honored or remembered by our donors:

Mary E.T. "Mickey" Beach

Richard Leisner

The Honorable Paul R. Carey

William R. Baker III

Vern O. Curtis

Robert W. Helm

George H. Diacont

Claudius B. Modesti

Martin "Marty" P. Dunn

Stephen Cohen
Meredith B. Cross
Peter Derby, Sr.
Catherine Dixon
Thomas J. Kim
David M. Lynn

The Honorable John R. Evans

Eugene I. Goldman

Scott W. Friestad

Daniel M. Gallagher
Aaron W. Lipson
Linda Chatman Thomsen

Thomas R. Gira

G. Susan Grafton

Paul Gonson

Linda Chatman Thomsen
John J. Huber
Richard Kirby, Beth-ann Roth and R|K Investlaw, PBC

Alan B. Levenson

Richard H. Rowe

Sydney H. Mendelsohn

Mindy and Philip L. Kirstein

Kenneth E. Newman

Tom Prescott
Dave Paulukaltis

Donald T. Nicolaisen

Alan L. Beller
Peter Derby, Sr.

The Honorable Irving M. Pollack

Linda Chatman Thomsen

The Honorable David S. Ruder

Angela and Dan Goelzer
Matthew M. O'Toole
Mary L. Schapiro

The Honorable Judge Stanley Sporkin

Linda Chatman Thomsen
Stephen Cohen
Marc B. Dorfman

Jacob H. Stillman

David M. Becker

Linda C. Quinn

Kimberly S. Drexler
Richard G. Ketchum

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