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July 2, 1934 - First Commission appointed. Today in 1934 FDR appointed the first Securities and Exchange Commission. George Mathews (back L) and Robert Healy (back R) were veteran regulators. James Landis (R) wrote the bill and Ferdinand Pecora (L) built public approval. Joseph Kennedy (Center) brought business on board.
New Oral Histories
Photos of Mary Jo Gillette and Carmen J. Lawrence arranged side by side.
Merri Jo Gillette, Carmen J. Lawrence, and Lori A. Richards

Museum Adds to its Oral Histories Collection

In constructing a new gallery on the history of the SEC’s regional offices to be launched later this year, the Historical Society conducted nine related oral histories over the course of the past year: Wayne M. Carlin, Marc Fagel, Merri Jo Gillette, Daniel M. Hawke, Donald Hoerl, Kenneth Israel, Carmen J. Lawrence, Walter G. Ricciardi, and Lori A. Richards. Here, we feature three extraordinary women interviewed, each of whom played integral roles not only in the regional offices where they served, but as major forces in the SEC as a whole.

  • Merri Jo Gillette

    This oral history was made possible with the generous support of Baker McKenzie and Charles River Associates.
  • Carmen J. Lawrence

    This oral history was made possible with the generous support of King & Spalding.
  • Lori A. Richards

    This oral history was made possible with the generous support of Andrew J.Bowden, Peter B. Driscoll, Carlo di Florio, and Marc Wyatt.
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Financial Reporting: A View from the SEC’s Chief Accountant

As part of a larger project to construct a gallery on the regulation of corporate disclosure, we filmed a special program that explores the SEC’s role in the development of financial reporting requirements and accounting standards with several of the Commission’s Chief Accountants and individuals who served in the Office of the Chief Accountant (“OCA”). The program provides perspectives on serving in OCA at the SEC and explores the important role that the office plays in the regulation of financial reporting, accounting standards and auditor independence.


  • David M. Lynn (moderator, Partner at Morrison & Foerster LLP and former Chief Counsel in the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance
  • Paul A. Beswick, EY Americas IFRS Leader and former SEC Chief Accountant
  • Paul Munter, acting SEC Chief Accountant and former SEC Deputy Chief Accountant
  • Joseph B Ucuzoglu, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte US and former Senior Advisor to the SEC Chief Accountant

This program is made possible through the generous support of Deloitte & Touche LLP

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