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Wheat Report

In 1967, the SEC appointed Commissioner Francis Wheat to head a group that studied the extent to which disclosure could improve the Commission's rule-making power.

The group's report, "Disclosure to Investors - A Reappraisal of Federal Administrative Practices Under the 1933 and 1934 Acts," known as the Wheat Report, provided comprehensive and clear analysis of a number of current regulatory problems.

A milestone document in SEC history, the report laid the groundwork for the development of an integrated disclosure system.

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November 27, 1967
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March 1, 1968
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March 12, 1968
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March 27, 1969
Disclosures to Investors - A Reappraisal of Federal Administrative Policies Under the '33 and '34 Acts, by Francis M. Wheat (The Wheat Report - Disclosures to Investors)

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24 May 2004

Richard Rowe

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