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The Best of NERA

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NERA Economic Consulting ( is a global firm of experts dedicated to applying economic, finance and quantitative principles to complex business and legal challenges. For nearly half a century, NERA's economists have been creating strategies, studies, reports, expert testimony and policy recommendations for government authorities and the world's leading law firms and corporations.

NERA brings academic rigor, objectivity and real world industry experience to bear on issues arising from competition, regulation, public policy, strategy, finance and litigation.

The Best of NERA is an annual broadcast examining current economic issues in financial regulation.

The SEC Historical Society partners with NERA Economic Consulting each year to present The Best of NERA, and selects the academic moderator for the program.


23 July 2013

The Best of NERA 2013

Moderator: Reena Aggarwal
Presenter(s): Jorge Baez, Alan Grant, Erin McHugh, Timothy McKenna
24 July 2012

The Best of NERA 2012

Moderator: Arthur Laby
Presenter(s): Alan Grant, John Montgomery, James Overdahl
26 July 2011

The Best of NERA 2011

Moderator: F. Scott Kieff
Presenter(s): Robert Mackay, James Overdahl, Faten Sabry
27 JULY 2010

The Best of NERA 2010

Moderator: Lisa Fairfax
Presenter(s): Elaine Buckberg, Christopher Laursen, Chudozie Okongwu
28 July 2009

The Best of NERA 2009

Moderator: Lisa Fairfax
Presenter(s): Jan Larsen, Robert Mackay, Marcia Kramer Mayer, Thomas Porter
29 July 2008

The Best of NERA 2008

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Elaine Buckberg, Stephanie Lee, Chudozie Okongwu
31 July 2007

The Best of NERA 2007

Moderator: Lawrence Mitchell
Presenter(s): Sharon Brown-Hruska, Patrick Conroy, Robert Mackay
25 July 2006

The Best of NERA 2006

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Elaine Buckberg, Patrick Conroy, Faten Sabry
27 July 2005

The Best of NERA 2005

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): David Ellis, James Jordan, Stephanie Plancich
27 July 2004

The Best of NERA 2004

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Jeffrey Baliban, Elaine Buckberg, Paul Hinton

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