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The Enforcement Division: A History

In Recognition

The Enforcement Division: A History” is made possible in part by the generous financial support of the following:

1934 Circle
Susan G. Markel
Linda Chatman Thomsen

FDR Circle
Thomas O. Gorman

In this brief video, these contributors, and curator Harwell Wells, reflect on what this gallery means to them.

The Society is grateful to the following individuals for their time and assistance with this Gallery:

Curator: Dr. Harwell Wells, I. Herman Stern Professor of Law, Temple University, Beasley School of Law

Members of the Enforcement Gallery Task Force: Alan Berkeley; Marc Dorfman; Lisa Fairfax; Thomas Gorman (Chair); Daniel Hawke; Robert Helm; Brian Neil Hoffman; Roberta Karmel; Jack Katz; Arthur Laby; Neil Lang; Susan Markel; Joan McKown; Marc Steinberg; Linda Chatman Thomsen

Members of the Museum Committee: Timothy Burke; Marc Dorfman; Lisa Fairfax; Robert Helm; Roberta Karmel; Craig Lewis; David Lynn; Stephen Margeton; Joan McKown; Annette Nazareth; Lori Richards; Michael Ryan


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