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Auditing the Auditors: Creating the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

First PCAOB Annual Report signed by the original board members, from left, Bill Gradison, William J. McDonough, Kayla J. Gillan, Charles D. Niemeier, and Daniel L. Goelzer

In Recognition

This gallery was made possible by the generous support of: The Center for Audit Quality and its Governing Board member firms:

  • Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • EY
  • PwC
  • Grant Thornton LLP
  • Crowe LLP

The Society would also like to thank the gallery’s curator, Lucy Harvey; the Society’s 2019-2020 Museum Committee members (Timothy Burke, Lisa Fairfax, Robert Helm, Roberta Karmel, Craig Lewis, David Lynn, James McKinney, Annette Nazareth, Stephen Margeton, Lori Richards, Michael Ryan, and Joan McKown); and PCAOB Gallery Working Group members (Robert Cox, Randy Fletchall, Mitchell Friedman, Daniel Goelzer, Chair, Parveen Gupta, Brian Neil Hoffman, Kimberly Kolar, Stephen Kroll, Neil Lang, Michael Maloney, David Mardjanov, Susan Markel, James McKinney, Steve Richards, Kristofer Swanson, and Lara Abrash).

Curator Lucy Harvey would like to thank Jonathan Shimmons, Stephen Kroll, Don Marlais, Lynn Turner, and countless current and former PCAOB staff who gave interviews, photographs, and artifacts.


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