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04 December 2002

Roundtable on Investment Company Regulation

Moderator: Kathryn McGrath, David Silver
Presenter(s): Barry Barbash, John Dudley, Joel Goldberg, Anne Jones, Stanley Judd, Martin Lybecker, Allan Mostoff, Edward O'Dell, Alan Rosenblat, Paul Roye, Marianne Smythe
25 September 2002

Roundtable on Enforcement

Moderator: Irving Pollack, Stanley Sporkin
Presenter(s): Theodore Altman, David Doherty, Benjamin Greenspoon, Theodore Levine, Alan Rosenblat, Thomas Rae, Richard Rowe, David Silver, Theodore Sonde, Wallace Timmeny
  • - Session I Only
  • Video: Part 1

  • Video: Part 2

  • edited transcript (pdf)
21 March 2002

Roundtable on the Integration of the 1933 and 1934 Acts

Moderator: Richard Phillips, Richard Rowe
Presenter(s): Alan Beller, Edward Greene, John Huber, Brian Lane, Alan Levenson, David Martin, Linda Quinn, Richard Rowe

1 to 3 of 3 records


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