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19 September 2006

Fireside Chat - Behavioral Economics

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Donald Langevoort
25 July 2006

The Best of NERA 2006

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Elaine Buckberg, Patrick Conroy, Faten Sabry
06 June 2006

Who's Counting? - The Critical Role of Financial Reporting in the Capital Markets (Seventh Annual Meeting)

Moderator: Robert Kueppers
Presenter(s): Pat McConnell, Donald Nicolaisen, Aulana Peters, Lawrence Salva, Scott Taub
04 April 2006

Fireside Chat - EDGAR

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): David Copenhafer, Amy Goodman, Jonathan Katz
28 March 2006

Fireside Chat - Online Fraud

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): John Reed Stark

1 to 5 of 5 records


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