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01 November 2011

Silver Screen: How Films Shape Public Perception of Financial Regulation

Moderator: David Lipton
Presenter(s): J. Bradley Bennett and John Reed Stark
18 October 2011

Deloitte Fireside Chat VI: The SEC's Role in Accounting Standards Setting

Moderator: Mark Beasley
Presenter(s): Loretta Cangialosi, Robert Kueppers, Arthur Wyatt
05 October 2011

Deloitte Fireside Chat V. Role of the Auditor

Moderator: Mark Peecher
Presenter(s): Robert Kueppers, Robert Moritz
13 September 2011

Bingham Presents 2011: Enforcement After Dodd-Frank

Moderator: Jeffrey Manns
Presenter(s): Eric Grossman, Robert Khuzami, David Meister, Susan Merrill
26 July 2011

The Best of NERA 2011

Moderator: F. Scott Kieff
Presenter(s): Robert Mackay, James Overdahl, Faten Sabry
02 June 2011

Supreme Court and the SEC (Twelfth Annual Meeting)

Moderator: Kurt Hohenstein
Presenter(s): David Becker, Adam Pritchard
28 April 2011

Fireside Chat - Pay to Play

Moderator: Lisa Fairfax
Presenter(s): David Clapp, Ronald Stack
Made possible through the support of Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
28 March 2011

Diane Sanger Memorial Lecture

Presenter(s): Steven Schwarcz
Made possible through the support of the family of Diane Sanger

1 to 8 of 8 records


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