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15 November 2012

A Measured Response?

Moderator: Robert K.D. Colby
Presenter(s): Daniel Goelzer, Peggy Peterson, Dean Shahinian, Linda Chatman Thomsen
07 November 2012

Deloitte Fireside Chat VIII: International Convergence

Moderator: James McKinney
Presenter(s): Robert Herz, Joseph Ucuzoglu
16 October 2012

Deloitte Fireside Chat VII: The Profession Looks at Sarbanes-Oxley

Moderator: Mark Peecher
Presenter(s): Alan Beller, Joseph Ucuzoglu
13 September 2012

Bingham Presents 2012: Criminal Enforcement of Securities Laws

Moderator: Lisa Fairfax
Presenter(s): George Canellos, Susan Merrill, Marc Minor
30 July 2012

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: The First Decade

Moderator: Mark Beasley
Presenter(s): Michael Oxley, Paul Sarbanes
Made possible through the support of the Center for Audit Quality
24 July 2012

The Best of NERA 2012

Moderator: Arthur Laby
Presenter(s): Alan Grant, John Montgomery, James Overdahl
07 June 2012

A Creative Irritant: The Relationship between the SEC and Accounting Standard Setters (Thirteenth Annual Meeting)

Moderator: George Fritz
Presenter(s): Dennis Beresford, Edmund Jenkins, A. Clarence Sampson
11 April 2012

Ponzi Scheme Puzzles

Moderator: Eric Roiter
Presenter(s): Tamar Frankel, Donald Langevoort, Francis Morrissey
22 March 2012

Diane Sanger Memorial Lecture

Presenter(s): Harvey Goldschmid
Made possible through the support of the family of Diane Sanger

1 to 9 of 9 records


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