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21 October 2008

Fireside Chat - SEC Office of Compliance Inspection and Examinations

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): John Walsh
23 September 2008

Fireside Chat - SEC Division of Enforcement

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Irving Pollack
29 July 2008

The Best of NERA 2008

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Elaine Buckberg, Stephanie Lee, Chudozie Okongwu
05 June 2008

Exemptive Authority - The Mandate of the Division of Investment Management (Ninth Annual Meeting)

Moderator: Martin Lybecker
Presenter(s): Kenneth Berman, Kathleen Moriarty, Robert Plaze
20 May 2008

Fireside Chat - SEC Regional Offices

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Mary Keefe, Michael Wolensky
22 April 2008

Fireside Chat - SEC Office of International Affairs

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Felice Batlan, Michael Mann
11 March 2008

Fireside Chat - SEC Office of the General Counsel

Moderator: Theresa Gabaldon
Presenter(s): Daniel Goelzer, Giovanni Prezioso
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1 to 7 of 7 records


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